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Water Keep (Farworld)

By J. Scott Savage

Water Keep (Farworld)

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Tags: fantasy

Started reading:
24th September 2008
Finished reading:
25th September 2008


Rating: 9

Water Keep is the first in a five book fantasy series called Farworld. It is written by J. Scott Savage, and although he has published several other books, this is his first young adult book and first fantasy series.
Although it is aimed at young adults, I found myself enjoying it immensely. As with almost every other fantasy book, there will be elements that are similar to other writer’s fantasy worlds, but it didn’t read as a copy and stood well on its merits. The characters, creatures and locations weren’t over detailed, but enough to allow you to use your imagination to picture the story as you went along.
Overall the only thing that was disappointing, was how soon it was finished. I shall look forward to the next book in the series next year.