Birds galore

long tailed titWhile we were on holiday at Center Parcs, we bought a bird feeder at the Nature Centre and then added a pole to put it on. They are made by CJ Wildbird Foods, and were very reasonably priced. After we got home we were looking at their website and found that they only charge £2 delivery for orders under £50 and free for orders over. We wanted to add a base to support the pole and also got a variety pack of the peanut cake tubes and a squirrel resistant peanut feeder. I had them delivered to work and they arrived on Thursday; I’m glad I did as the box was enormous, it only just fitted in the car.

greenfinchesI set the feeders up on Thursday night and filled the seed and peanuts up and then waited patiently for the birds to find them. I was beginning to wonder by Friday afternoon if we had done the right thing, and then a great tit briefly visited the peanuts, so at least something had found the food. Yesterday, the greenfinches found the seed feeder! Boy are they messy! They were after the sunflower seeds and quite happily pulled everything out to get them. Luckily we also added a tray to go under the feed, so most of the dropped seed was still retained off the ground.

Over the last day and a half, the greenfinches, with the aid of dozens of house sparrows, some blue tits, great tits and long tailed tits have almost emptied the seed feeder. Hmm, I think this has gone down well with our feathered friends.

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