The Geek “Must Do Before You Die” Checklist

Vijay (Scanman) tweeted ‘The Geek “Must Do Before You Die” Checklist‘ this morning.

Done #
Item Web Reference
1. Add a Third Monitor
2. Build a Linux Firewall
3. Build a Network File Server
x 4. Build a PC
5. Build a Robot
x 6. Build an HTML based Website using Notepad
7. Bypass a Computer Password on All Major Operating Systems
8. Bypass School or Work Website Blocks
x 9. Carry a Computer Cleaning Arsenal on Your USB Drive
x 10. Compile a Linux Kernel
11. Control Your House Lights with a Computer
x 12. Convert Cassette Tapes to Digital Audio Files
13. Crack a Wi-Fi Password
14. Create ‘Hello, World’ in at Least Five Different Programming languages
15. Create a Disposable E-Mail Account
16. Create a Recovery Drive Image of Your Computer
17. Create a WordPress Plugin
18. Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch
19. Create an Add-On for Firefox
20. Create an SSH Tunnel
21. Create Music with Keyboard
x 22. Design and Build a Circuit Board
23. Do Cool Things to Altoids Tins
24. Download a Video from YouTube
25. Download Wikipedia
x 26. Execute a Shell Script
27. Find a Users IP Address on AIM
28. Find a Website IP Address Without Web/CommandPrompt Access
x 29. Flash System BIOS
30. Hack a Pop Machine
31. Hack a USB Drive Startup File
32. Hide a File Behind a JPEG
33. Homebrew Hack Game Systems
34. Increase Wi-Fi Range
35. Install a Content Management System for a Website
x 36. Irrecoverably Protect Data
37. Jailbreak an iPhone
x 38. Know the Meaning of Technical Acronyms
x 39. Know Who Mulder and Scully Are
40. Learn and Write Javascript
x 41. Learn At Least One Fictional Language
x 42. Learn Hexadecimal and Binary Number Systems
43. Learn How to Convert a DVD to x264 (or XviD or DivX)
44. Learn How to Hot Wire a Car
45. Learn How to Install Mac OS X on a PC
46. Learn How to Reset RAM
x 47. Learn Important Keyboard Shortcuts
48. Learn the Fastest way to Kill a Computer
x 49. Learn to Identify Keyloggers
50. Learn to Identify Major Constellations
51. Load Rockbox onto an MP3 Player
52. Lock Your Computer with a USB Drive
x 53. Make a Cat5 Patch and Crossover Cable
54. Make a Laptop Cooling Pad
55. Make Your Office Ergonomic
56. Mod a Flash Drive Case—Flash-drive-case-mod/
x 57. Monitor Network Traffic
x 58. Mount and ISO in a Virtual DVD Drive
59. Move Completely To Open Source
x 60. Permanently Delete Data on a Hard Drive
61. Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account
62. Pick a Lock
63. Play a Geek Practical Joke
64. Play Retro Games without Retro Consoles
65. Put LEDs Inside a Light Bulb
x 66. Put Open Source Firmware on a Router
67. Read 1337 At Normal Speed
68. Recover Deleted Files
x 69. Recover Master Boot Record
x 70. Register Your Name as an Internet Domain
x 71. Remotely Control a Computer
x 72. Replace a Laptop Keyboard
x 73. Replacing a Laptop LCD
x 74. Retrieve Data off Hard Drive
75. Rip Streaming Videos
76. Run an Operating System from a USB Thumb Drive
x 77. Run Multiple Computers with one Keyboard and Mouse
x 78. Run Operating System inside a Virtual Computer
x 79. Run Your Own Ethernet Line
80. Screw with Wi-Fi Leeches
81. Setup a Computer in the Cloud
82. Setup a Streaming Media Server
83. Setup a VPN
x 84. Setup an Apache, MySQL, Mail, PHP server on Windows and Linux
x 85. Shrink a Website URL
86. Soldering Glasses Together
87. Strip Windows DRM
88. Surf the Web Anonymously
89. Survive in a Linux Argument
90. Tethering a Smartphone
91. Turn a Laptop into a Digital Picture Frame
92. Turn Webcams into Security Cameras
93. Unbrick a Smartphone
x 94. Understand What ‘There’s no Place Like’ Means
95. Unleash a Laser Pointer’s full potential
96. Unlock an iPhone
97. Upload a Video to YouTube
x 98. Use a Camera in Manual Mode
99. Use Bittorrent Effectively
100. Wire a Home Theatre System

I seem to have done 33 on the list. Some of the items haven’t been relevant e.g. Build a network file server – I have a file server with RAID array already and so didn’t need to create my own. For others, my definition may vary from that listed – by the list I haven’t installed a content management system, but I would class WordPress as a CMS.

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