Bad Car Day

Car was booked in for MOT retest and replacement of brake fluid. Brake fluid was due to be replaced the previous week, but the main dealer didn’t have any. Booking and collection for today were arranged following this visit. This morning, at 11.30, I rang the dealer to find out if my car was being picked up.

There was no record that this had been arranged. At 12.15, the driver collected my car. As with the previous week, the unexpired MOT was left in the glovebox and the driver informed of this.

At 5pm, I rang to find out when I would get my car back. It had passed the MOT and I paid for the brake fluid change. When the driver got back to the garage, he would deliver my car back to my work. I finally got my car back at 5.45pm.

Later this evening, I discovered that the MOT was dated to expire in a year, and on looking in the car found the old MOT certificate still in the glovebox.

Maybe I’ll see if I get a better service at one of the other branches in Hemel or Luton.

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