New home email server

I was looking at adding a webmail client to our existing home email server, Jana Server, but didn’t find anything that I could work with. Jana Server has been a good product, acting as a proxy server, when we were on dialup many years ago, and more recently as a POP/SMTP email server. However to provide good webmail functionality, we needed a IMAP mail server.

After looking around and trying a few products, I settled on SquirrelMail for the webmail client and hMailServer for the mail server. The hMailServer installation and configuration was straight forward, integrating into my existing MySQL database. The SquirrelMail installation seemed to be fine, but on log on kept repeating ‘Unknown user or password incorrect’ despite the correct credentials being entered. On further investigation, my PHP installation was missing 3 of the required extensions, gettext, ldap and imap. That will teach me to read the requirements first! I configured the php.ini file and could get gettext and ldap working, but could not get imap to load. After about 3 hours, I finally found the answer on Experts-Exchange . I had to create a copy of a Windows dll with a new name. Thanks Michael701.

Once I had sorted my PHP problems out the SquirrelMail installation was also very easy.

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