Computer went bang!

When I came down this morning, the computer I had just put the new hard disc in was beeping at me and had a burning smell. Somehow, I just knew this wasn’t right, so decided to just power it down and worry about the data later. So I pressed the power button.

What I wasn’t expecting was the flash of light and loud bang from the back of the computer, which tripped the downstairs circuit breaker. I guess the power supply had just had enough.

Just to make it worse, following the sudden power down, one of the hot swap discs on the server had failed and the server wouldn’t boot either. I didn’t have time to look at this before I went to work, so we had a computer free day, first for a long time.

Once I connected the server to a monitor this evening, it was a simple case of failing the faulty disc and the server recovered and remirrored the disc to the spare. Now to get a replacement power supply and hard disc and I will be back to where I was.

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