MOTs and garages

I’m fated to have fun with getting cars through the MOT.

I took Jo’s car with me to work for a service and MOT. It was going to be really simple. The garage would collect it at 10am, service it, get the MOT and return it at 4pm.

In reality the car was collected at 9am, so far so good. At 2.40pm they rang to say the car had failed the MOT on the rear brakes and that it was just going in for the service. At 4.45pm I rang the garage to see what was happening, ‘We’re delivering it back to you aren’t we’ raised my hopes. At 4.58 the garage rang to say that they didn’t have the discs and that the car wasn’t safe to drive. Great, I’m now stranded in Milton Keynes. So Jo had to bundle the kids in my car and come and collect me.

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