Problems in ICT suite resolved

I went into the school this afternoon to resolve the outstanding issues in the ICT suite.

As expected the problems were mainly related to the Linux server (the server that I don’t support or have access to). There was a problem with intermittant Internet access, as all traffic passes through the proxy server on the Linux server, there isn’t much I can do when the Linux server plays up. There was an issue with several of the programs not running, understandable when the files are located on the Linux server that wasn’t providing access to any files on the previous visit; it was working today and so amazingly were the programs. As the Linux server was working today, I copied the children’s work onto the new shares on the Windows server and that ‘issue’ is now resolved.

I did make a mistake when I created the standard desktop for the mandatory profile on the previous visit, some of the needed icons were in the all users profile on the machine not on the shared mandatory profile; this was corrected.

Also, when I copied the QCA and RE folders from one of the desktops to the server and made them a read only version, I managed to pick a copy that had been modified and saved by the children, so all linked copies are now incorrect. Once we get the original files we will overwrite the server versions with the correct files.

I also worked with the ICT Teaching Assistant so that she understands how to maintain the mandatory profile. All in all a very productive afternoon.

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