House is cold

As the weather is having a cold snap, it only follows that the 3 position valve on our Central Heating system has become faulty. If the system needs to heat water, then it works fine, however if we need the heating on, then the boiler and pump don’t start. As a work around, if we need a burst of heat, we have to run the hot tap to empty some of the water and so cause the new water to be heated, at the same time the heating works.

I found and ordered a replacement valve on Ebay this morning, and when I got home found that the seller lived in town. I emailed him to see if I could collect the valve, but before I got a reply, he delivered it to save the trouble of posting. Definately the quickest turnaround I’ve had, 10 hours from order to delivery.

I’ll fit the valve at the weekend, hopefully it won’t be too cold until then.

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