Expensive guitar bag

We went out today to Hobgoblin in Newport Pagnell to get a quarter size guitar case. We took Jo’s mandolin that I bought there at Christmas to discuss fitting a peg for a strap. We got the bag and the peg and strap no problem.

Then I started looking at their guitars; I have been starting to learn on and off for the past few months and we were thinking about getting me one for my birthday later in the year. Needless to say with their selection, I soon found one that I was really happy with and so ended up getting an early birthday present.

I got a Tanglewood TW170-AS acoustic guitar, which just felt right and has a nice clear sound. I just need to toughen my fingers up now. It is strung with D’Addario EXP strings and the steel trebles are a bit hard on the fingers after Jo’s nylon strung classical guitar.

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