Visit to Joust 2006

We went to Joust 2006 at Berkeley Castle today. We left about half past seven and got there just as they were opening at ten.

We did stop off at the Little Chef in Burford for a coffee before we got there, but after over 5 minutes of waiting to be seated, with the staff walking past us and deliberately not catching our eye, we, and several other people waiting, left in disgust.

As I said, we arrived just as they were opening and as we had already got the tickets, we were able to go straight in. We went over to the cake stall and had some homemade cakes to make up for our eariler lack of a stop. I unfortunately managed to pour boiling hot tea across my fingers of my right hand and burn them which was rather sore for the rest of the day.

We bought a variety of things from the various stalls including a Mollenhauer wooden soprano recorder for Jo. We watched the first session of the jousting just after lunch and I used nearly a full film on this alone. We then turned round for the first set of the day from the Mediaeval Baebes. This was excellent, even though they did have a bit of a problem with the sound setup and feedback. I used over a film and a half on just this set. The only drips of rain were during this and it only tried for a couple of minutes. After the concert, I collected the 10th anniversary DVD that I had pre-ordered. They only received the DVDs on Friday, so as they had all been signed, they must have been busy.

We watched the bird of prey display and visited several other displays including Berkeley Castle itself, however as it was such a hot day, it was too hot to spend long inside. The kids had a go at archery and had pony rides in the Children’s Kingdom area before we all sat down for the second set from the Mediaeval Baebes. This was a relaxed set which I think everyone listening enjoyed, even if there was one totally unexpected bit of feedback during Dringo Bell.

We left at quarter to six after spending the whole day. We stopped on the way back at the George Inn on the Bristol Road. This had a excellent children’s play area and the service was lightning fast. It was so quick, that the meal had arrived at the table before Jo got back and told me what we had ordered. The portions were substantial and the food was brilliant. Well worth recommending and we will probably stop there in the future.

Now I just need to get the 4x 36 exposure films developed and scanned, before I can put them up on my gallery. I will probably get them developed next weekend.

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