Mum’s computer

Sunny Intervals
About a month ago, Mum’s computer crashed just before we went on holiday. I managed to coax it back into life, but the disc was failing. Last Monday, I replaced the hard disc, but after copying that data over the system was in a worse state than I thought. On Friday, I took the computer away and rebuilt it.

The computer is now back and working. When I took the computer back today, I looked at the VOIP router that I got Mum for her birthday. I got a Draytek Vigor 2510V ADSL router with VOIP; this was an all in one solution for ADSL and had built in VOIP (Voice over IP). However, when I first installed it last weekend, the call quality was poor with a lot of echo on the line. I changed the codec used to G.711 today and now the call quality is fine. It is configured using VOIPCheap the same as our VOIP service. [previous post]

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