Jo’s guitar

We had the afternoon free of the school run today and so we went up to Hobgoblin to have a look at guitars for Jo.

Jo has a classical guitar that she has played for many years and was considering a new guitar to allow her to develop more. The classical had quite a wide neck for her small hands and so it made some chords difficult (if not impossible).

We went into the shop and explained what she was looking for. The first guitar suggested was perfect; she did try several others, but this just suited all requirements. It is an Ami guitar in Antique Burst made by Art & Lutherie, a brand of Godin Guitars.

We also bought a tin whistle for our daughter who was very patient while Jo checked out the different guitars. Unfortunately we forgot to pick up the bag with it in when we left. I rang the shop and they were prepared to post it to us, even though it was our fault. As I work in Milton Keynes it will be easier to collect it after work tomorrow.

[Edit] 15th Sept. Collected tin whistle this evening and everyone happy.

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