Music School concert

We are going to the Dunstable Music School end of term concert this morning. It was a cold night last night and there was a sharp ground frost leaving both cars looking like igloos.

[Edit] Went to the concert this morning ready for the 9:30 start, but it was running a little late and didn’t start until 9:50. It was a very full performance that finished at 12:50, which is a long time sitting on plastic chairs. As usual the quality of performance was excellent
The running order was:

Senior Orchestra – Christmas Cracker
Junior Woodwind – Pink Panther
Junior Percussion – Christmas Pudding
Percussion – Dance for Three Drums
Sax Group – Subway
Junior Orchestra and Early Years – Frosty the Snowman & Little Donkey
Senior Strings – Dunstable Christmas Medley
Senior Woodwind – Selection from Grand Opera
Rock Group – Dying in your Arms
Electric Guitars – Dance On & Miser Lou
Swing Band – DMCJO Sign-in & Summertime
Singers – Can you feel the love tonight? & When a Child is Born (solo)
Keyboards – Jingle Bells & Silent Night
Tuned Percussion – Gonna Fly Now
Beginners Woodwind – Little Star
Junior Strings – Fanfare & Good King Wenceslas
Composition Group – Morning and Christmas Morning
Junior Band – Last of the Summer Wine & Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Folk Group – Maid in the Garrette & Winster Gallop
Guitars – Third Party & Stop the Calvary
Dance – Disney Parade & Save the Last Dance
Drummers – Taiko!
Ukeleles – Antiphon & Yes Sir That’s My Baby & Teenager in Love
Concert Band – Christmas Festival Overture

[Edit] Corrected link to Music School

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