Family Tree nudge

Cloudy Night
I had an email this evening that made me think about my family tree research again. It is surprising how quick time passes on other things and good intentions remain only that.

About 9 months ago, I had an email from Glenn Cakebread regarding my family tree. I naturally thought that he had a link into the Cakebread’s on my maternal side, but was surprised to find the link was in through Jo’s side of the family. This got both myself and my mum researching what we could on the the Cakebread’s to increase what we could link. I updated this into my databases back in August and haven’t really touched it since.

Anyway, I had an email from Glenn this evening that reminded me that I hadn’t updated the information I had sent to him. He has a new website, where he is collecting Cakebread information, which he has set up. I must try to find more time to work on my research, it’s just a question of spliting the time between the different families: Hedges, Furnival, Harper, Cakebread, Worboys, Milton and Moulden.

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