Not according to plan

Today was a day that could be summed up as ‘not according to plan’.

It started raining early this morning and hasn’t stopped all day. That put pay to my plan to get out and take some photos.

So I decided to make a start moving my video recordings over to DVD. We got a DVD recorder at Christmas, so the thought was to connect the video recorder that we had borrowed from Mum and move some of our aikido and other tapes onto DVD. Well, I plugged the video in and turned it on and nothing happened, no display, nothing. Oh well, maybe it’s the fuse I thought, but no. This is the same video that was working fine until I unplugged it last Saturday to install the DVD recorder in its place.

At least the next plan worked. I set up my film scanner and have made good progress scanning in my 35mm negatives. When I have scanned a film, I am now storing the negatives in ClearFile Archive storage pages. My plan is to scan the film and then make 2 DVD copies of the the images including parity files so that it gives me the best redundancy. The 2 copies will be on different brand media as well.

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