Reading Blogs

I subscribe to several RSS feeds for information and news, the list also includes a couple of blogs.

The Dilbert Blog by Scott Adams. Scott has a interesting outlook on many things. Some of his posts make you sit there nodding in agreement, some leave you wondering what planet he’s on. Well worth a look.

The other blog that I read is John Chow‘s. I found John’s blog in November when I followed a link from Digg about someone who had been banned for providing a link to John’s blog, supposedly because he is a spammer. What I found was a popular blog with a lot of useful information. I subscribed at the time and have read every post since. John has some very good advice regarding advertising and blogging in general. Todays’ post was about getting RSS readers to visit the blog. John has on average 1261 readers who only read by the RSS feed, and I am one of them. Because the full post is in the feed, I do not need to click on the read more link to get all of the story.

However, John’s tactics have finally worked; he has been at 2007 CES in Las Vegas and collected a selection of freebies from companies and is planning to give most of his haul away to blog readers over the next few weeks. So for the simple task of adding John’s blog to my Technorati Favourites (UK spelling!), I have entered his first competition. It might only be a pen and USB flash drive, but it’s the chance of winning something and the link back that finally brought me to the site and reading the comments.

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