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Cloudy Night
Quite a while ago, I tried to integrate Blogkomm commenting with this blog and didn’t really succeed. I was looking on the Thingamablog forums a few days ago and saw a post that pointed me to the Notes from James blog. The author has written his own simple commenting system that he has integrated with Thingamablog.

It looked really good, so I tried it out on a test blog earlier today. It worked really well and I was able to adjust the style sheet to blend it in with the rest of the blog. I have only added comments on the entry pages with links to the comments from all other pages.

Flush with my success at getting this to work, I thought that I would revisit Blogkomm. The new version is really good with captchas (text /numbers in image) to stop spam bots from wrecking the comments. I installed this on the test blog and was able to get this working as well. However after playing around with it for a while, I concluded that I liked the simple comment system much better.

I have modified the add comments page so that it more closely matches the rest of my site and added it to the main blog.

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