My MyBlogLog experiance

About 2 weeks ago, I followed John Chow to MyBlogLog and set up a profile and community for my blog. Since then my community has slowly but steadily grown as people find my blog and add themselves to my community.

I have also added myself to several communities that I have found here. I have tried to be sensible about adding communities as I don’t want to just add to every community that I find. I do try to check all of them for new posts at least once a day. I figured if I wasn’t interested enough in what the author had to say on a regular basis, then there was no point in joining. There may be some blogs that I will subscribe to the RSS feeds if they are interesting, but post irregularly, like I do.

It does annoy me a bit when some people just post links to their blog in everyones comments. I figure that if someone is interested enough to check my details out then they will look at my blog and make there own decision, but I suppose this doesn’t provide lots of links for the search engines to index.

Anyway, welcome to anyone who has found me from MyBlogLog. Please read any of my posts that may be of interest and leave me comments.

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