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While reading some of the blogs that I follow through MyBlogLog today, I came across a post by Anatoly Lubarsky, MyBlogLog Service On Decline. There have been a few security and identity exploits in the past weeks and the recent one discovered by
ShoeMoney got him banned

This got me thinking, if MyBlogLog disappeared, would I be able to find all the blogs that I have started to follow. So partly for that I have decided to list the blogs that I am currently watching.

Blogname Author
Blogging to Fame Divya Uttam
The Thinking Blog Ilker Yoldas
All Day I Dream About Photography Antoine Khater
Anatoly Lubarsky Anatoly Lubarsky
Avinash – An IT Blog Avinah Kumar
Baby Boomers Blog David Au
Benedikt Rieke-Benninghaus
Brave Humans  
Calivi Orkun Soylu
Chateau Lalinde Red Shoes
CompuWorld Salman Siddiqui
Craig Photography John Craig
Creative Design David Airey
Evolution … not
“just a theory” anymore
Greg Laden
Guitar Realm nightS & Shogo
Heida Biddle Heida Biddle
I once was HP Sarabeth
John Chow Dot Com John Chow
Jonathan-C. Phillips Jonathan-C. Phillips
Just a Girl in
short shorts talking about whatever
Becky C
Metastatic Liver
Metastatic Liver Cancer
of a Distractible Mind
Dr Rob
My New Choice mnc
My View Of It Carol1461
Nobody Important JMB
Of Zen and Computing  
Ruminate This Site The Ruminator
scan man’s notes scan man
Screen Rant Vic Holtreman
Six Degrees of Inspiration Nicholas
Out on the
Susan Jones
Tech Bold Vikas Nigam
TechnoGroove Vaandoo
Through the Lenses Jas
Using My Powers For Good Jenny Ryan
Very Short Novels David B Dale
Waiting For Fairies Kia

Thanks to JMB, scan man, Sarabeth, David Airey and Jonathan-C. Phillips who have all left me comments on previous posts.

[Edit] Changed the link for ilker’s ‘The Thinking Blog

[Edit] Changed the link for David Airey’s ‘Creative Design

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