Voyage to New Zealand 100 years ago

Nearly 100 years ago today, on 7th/8th March 1907, my great grandmother’s brother, George Moulden, left London for a new life in New Zealand.

I found this information about 3 weeks ago when‘s passenger lists website added another decade to their database. They intend to provide access to BT27 Outward Passenger Lists for long-distance voyages leaving the British Isles from 1960 right back to 1890. When I first looked they had only got 1890 to 1899, but they recently added the next decade up to 1909.

We didn’t know exactly when George left for New Zealand. We knew he was here in the 1901 Census and was married in New Zealand in 1908. The new data turned up George travelling to New Zealand on the ship Corinthic leaving London with the ship’s paperwork dated 7th March 1907. He was 22, single and a groom by occupation. The ship was a steamship run by Shaw Savill & Albion Co Limited, under master Hugh F David.

After searching the internet, I found out that the RMS Corinthic left the port of London on 8th March 1907, entering port at Plymouth on 9th March, Teneriffe on 14th March, Capetown on 30th March, Hobart, then Wellington on 23rd April 1907. (I cannot find the source of this – note to self: always record the source straight away)

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