Expensive day

I had an eye test a couple of weeks ago and needed new glasses as a result. Jo had an eye test today and her changed prescription means she needs new glasses with varifocal lenses. Also her lenses need to be ultra thin to keep the weight down, each lens costs more than my glasses. Ouch!

While we were out this afternoon, I dropped the films that I took of last weekend’s lunar eclipse in for processing. I have got a few reasonable shots of the eclipse and once I have scanned the negatives, I will post them.

This evening while the kids were watching the television, the screen flashed and the tv turned itself off. I turned it back on and all seemed well. That was until about 10 minutes ago when it crackled, flashed and turned itself off again. It only crackles when I try to turn it on, so it looks like we will be looking for a new tv tomorrow.

I can still hope that I might win the lottery tonight.

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