Problem with web feed and Technorati

I had noticed about a week ago that my posts were not updating on Technorati although it was showing that my site had been updated. The problem seemed to be about the same time that I changed to using Feedburner and after searching on Google this seemed to be a known problem that Technorati had been made aware of, but were not responding to.

So, I placed a Support ticket with Technorati this evening not really expecting to get a response. While I was reading the automated acknowledgement, I got an email from Tonette Wong at Customer Services with the resolution.

It turns out that when I was making changes to the blog’s layout, I had made the entry title into a link and this was different to the link in the feed.

I have made the two links the same and now Technorati like me again. So, unlike many other people, it seems I got a very quick accurate response, Thank you.

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