New shed door

I know, not very exciting, but today I have been replacing the door on our brick shed.

It had to be replaced as it wouldn’t have lasted another winter. We replaced the door about 13 years ago when we moved in. As funds were a bit tight then, I bought the cheapest interior door that I could get. The paint has long gone (I know I should have painted it again) and the outside plywood has disintegrated and is peeling off.

So, anyway, we headed out to B&Q this morning, where we got a proper exterior door, some more Weathershield paint and a power planer.

Since then, I’ve trimmed and planed the door to size, hung it, fitted the lock and painted it with the Weathershield primer. It doesn’t sound much, but it’s taken most of the day.

The power planer was a good purchase; I think I would still be out there now with my hand plane. Of course I didn’t add the ‘dust’ collection bag when I was using it, so our patio ended up looking like it a monster attack of grated cheese. It was all over the floor, stuck to the brickwork and up in the top of the gazebo. Oops!

The primer will have finished drying by tomorrow morning, so I’ll be out putting the undercoat and gloss on tomorrow.

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