Unexpected Plugoo message

I restarted my laptop this evening and when I did, Trillian signed in automatically. On my blog contact page and on my profile page on cre8Buzz I have my Plugoo widget which appears as a contact in instant messaging and allow anyone to chat with me when I am online. If I am not signed in, it allows a message to be left for me and I receive this when I next sign in.

Anyway, I don’t think I have signed into Trillian for the last few days, so when I signed in this evening I had a couple of messages.

One was from ex Mediaeval Baebes member Karen Lupton providing me updated information. This was totally unexpected; I know there have been several views of the Mediaeval Baebes post and the links from it, but I wasn’t expecting any Baebe or former Baebe to visit. I have updated Karen’s information on the original post. Thanks Karen.

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