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I was looking at the passenger lists on FindMyPast and found that they had put the next decade 1930-1939 online.

I first searched for my father and found both him (aged 1.5) and my grandmother on MV Apapa travelling 1st class to Lagos 28th April 1937

I also found my grandfather travelling every 2 years to Lagos, Nigeria.

  • 13th August 1930 on MV Apapa age 33, proof reader residing at 24 Lewis Road, Sheatham SW16
  • 6th April 1932 on MV Accra age 34, printer residing at 243 Giston Lane, Aston W4
  • 4th April 1934 on MV Accra age 37, printer residing at Long Marston, Tring. He is travelling this time with Lillian age 26. This must be their honeymoon as they were married on the 1st April.
  • 3rd June 1936 on MV Apapa age 17 (hmm that can’t be right), printer residing at Queen’s Head, Long Marston, Tring, Herts.
  • 18th May 1938 on MV Apapa age 41, printer residing at Queen’s Head, Long Marston, Tring, Herts.

Unfortunately, only the outbound passenger lists are available, so I don’t have details of the return trips. This means I don’t know how long he was away at a time.

I haven’t been able to find an outbound trip to Sierra Leone where he died in 1939. I’m guessing he may have travelled back from Lagos, Nigeria to Freetown, Sierra Leone some time during 1939.

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