International Education Week

International flagsThe school is holding its second International Education Week this week. Countrywide it is International Education Month in November.

The idea is to teach the children more about other countries in terms of their location, culture, language, food and lifestyle. Each day is assigned a different continent and the children are asked to dress in either colours of any country’s flag from the continent or traditional dress / sportsware from a country.

To give them a taste of the countries, the children have been asked to bring in foods representative of the continent of the day. To fit in with the 5 days of the school week, Antarctica has been dropped and North and South America are counted together.

Today was Oceania (Australasia), so the kids took in Australian Vegemite and New Zealand honey. I wasn’t surprised that my daughter didn’t like the Vegemite, I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that my son loved it.

Tomorrow is Africa, and Jo has managed to get some dry Sharon Fruit (produce of South Africa). I don’t know what this tastes like; I hadn’t heard of it before.

Wednesday is Europe with some Swiss Emmental cheese and some German Bockwurst sausages.

Thursday is Americas and they have some Baguls to take in.

On Friday, it is Asia and they will take some Passion fruit, which was produce of Thailand (but seems to grow everywhere).

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