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Be the Blog AwardI’ve been given the Be The Blog award by Ev Nucci at My life is murphy’s law. This is an award that was created by Mark at Me and My Drum for bloggers who make their blog their own, stay with it, are interactive with their readers, and just plain have fun.

Thanks Ev, I think this is the first award I’ve been given. It is available in 4 colours on Mark’s blog: Creamy Cabernet, Midnight Oil, Pink Smoothie and Purple Passion, so pick the colour that suits best.

I’m going to pass this on to:

  • jmb at Nobody Important who writes engaging posts and always comments and replies to comments.
  • David Airey at David Airey who has a very professional graphic design blog. I don’t think that awards will fit well with David’s uncluttered blog design, so I won’t take offense if David doesn’t add it.
  • Vijay at scan man’s notes, though I don’t know if he’ll find the time (it’s not a meme Vijay) or the space on his sidebar.
  • Antman at Cre8Buzz. If creating the Cre8Buzz site for readers to showcase their work and content and interact with each other isn’t being interactive with your readers, I don’t know what is. I know Cre8Buzz isn’t just Antman’s work, so credit to the rest of the team as well.
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