Kids Christmas Party

chocolate decorationsWe took the kids to the Christmas party that my work had organised this afternoon. They started off by feeding them, which was a good start as the kids got to know each other and by the time the entertainer arrived they were mostly all ready to take part.

We had Magic Dave to entertain the kids again. He was the same entertainer that we had at the Halloween party last year and remembered my son (oh dear he did make an impression). Some of the act was the same, but there were many new bits. He kept the kids entertained for the best part of a couple of hours with a selection of dancing and games followed by puppets and magic show. I think everyone was waiting to see if he would use one of the parents as a ventrioquist’s dummy like he did with me last time, but the changed routine didn’t have that this time. Phew.

It was all finished off with a visit from Santa who gave all the kids a chocolate Santa and chocolate tree ornaments.

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