Sometime they get what they deserve

This afternoon driving home, I got to see something that brought a smile to my face. You know that feeling when you see a bad driver and you fleetingly wish that they didn’t get away with their bad driving.

At the first set of traffic lights coming into Dunstable, a shiny black, new looking, Range Rover Vogue shot down the turning right lane past the traffic queuing to go straight on and then forced its way back in on the junction.

It was obviously in a busting hurry on the next set of lights as well, as the fire engine approaching from the right with lights and sirens on had no impact on his attempts to get over the junction ahead of it. The problem was, traffic was heavy and he didn’t have room to finish what he started, so the fire engine did ultimately have a bigger impact on his journey time.

I didn’t see the actual impact myself as I was behind a large truck, but could see that he must have been pushed sideways quite a bit as I watched him manoeuvre out from in front of the fire engine while it was sat in the middle of the junction with lights and sirens going. They had to leave someone behind to deal with this idiot while the rest of them continued to the emergency they had been called to.

The truck driver in front of me stopped at the fire station (50 yards from the junction) to be a witness to what happened.

I don’t know what it is about drivers these days. There seems to be a much higher proportion that treat lane markings and red lights as an inconvenience to be ignored and don’t have any respect for other drivers or users on the road.

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