Increasing my broadband speed

I was looking on the VirginMedia website to find the cost of adding Caller ID to my telephone line and noticed that the prices they were quoting for 10MB broadband were £12.50, half the price I was paying.

So I rang them up and renegotiated my package. I have upgraded my broadband to a 20MB connection, removed the sports channels, added Caller ID and am still £15 a month better off.

Speedtest results for VirginMedia 10MB connection

I had to enter into a new 12 month contract with VirginMedia, that’s not a problem, I’ve been with them (and NTL before them) for over 10 years. The moral of this story is not to assume that you are on the best deal available, ring up and let them work out the best package for you.

I thought I’d check out my connection. The image above is my 10MB connection just after I got off the phone. It took overnight for the Caller ID to be added and a day and a half for the broadband and TV changes. Below is my new 20MB connection.

Speedtest results for VirginMedia 20MB connection

Quite a way off of the doubling I was expecting, but maybe Saturday’s a bad day to test.

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