My Tweets for the week 2011-03-06

  • Brr, just re-lit the boiler. Realised it was out when I started getting cold. #
  • Going back to playing trumpet at Dunstable Music Centre on Saturday, so given it a clean and practice. My lips ache now, must practice often #
  • New Raymond E. Feist book "A Kingdom Besieged" arrived today, already started reading and am hooked. Might finish it later tonight. #
  • Just finished "A Kingdom Besieged". Brilliant! Could see one of the twists coming, but not the others. Series is really building to a climax #
  • Why can't they just leave Bank Holidays alone Add another if they want to, but leave May Day alone. #
  • Microsoft are trying to get usage of IE6 to less than 1% worldwide #ie6countdown Use a better browser eg IE8 or Firefox #
  • Worst fears realised. Central Bedfordshire to put up music lesson and music centre fees by 70%. This will make it too expensive to continue. #

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