More on the cancellation of music tuition lessons

The fiasco that is the fees rises for Central Bedfordshire Music Service continues. Yesterday, we received an invoice for this term for both my son and daughter’s violin lessons. We had cancelled my daughter’s lessons at the end of March by email and gave notice that we were cancelling all use of the service at the end of the Summer Term.

Jo rang Bedfordshire Music yesterday and they were going to investigate where my notification had got to. Looking last night at the email address I sent it to, I realised that the details printed on their fee rise letter were wrong; they had printed the wrong email address. Jo rang them again today and they confirmed that the email address was wrong on some of the letters. I wonder just how many ‘some’ is? I have now forwarded my email to the correct address.

It also makes me wonder how much difference that will make to the reduction in numbers for musical instrument tuition that Central Bedfordshire provided me with. If many people used email to notify of their intent to cancel, then the numbers cancelling could be significantly higher.

So in summary, if you notified Central Bedfordshire by email and the address on your letter was rather than, then they probably didn’t get it and you will have to contact them to sort the invoicing out.

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