Return to North Devon Part 10

Overslept this morning and was woken at about 7.30 to the sound of my car alarm. Had to rush upstairs for the keys to turn it off. Wide awake now!
It was pouring down, so apart from the fact it was late, I wouldn’t have gone out on the bike. We went out to The Big Sheep today. It was raining when we got there and we were only the third car to arrive. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but we bought some sheep food when we went in. The first place we went to was the animal barn. The puppies just inside the door were so cute and then there were the rabbits and the ferret and the lambs.

Then there were the hungry sheep; you’d put food on your hand and they’d lick it off. Before we knew where we were, nearly 3/4 of an hour had past. We came out of the barn and caught the end of the sheep show. From there the kids went to play on the jumping pillows and then we went to eat in the restaurant.
This was a bit a disappointment to me, I felt that the prices were high for what you were getting. Anyway, after that we caught the end of the lamb feeding. Jo and the kids went of to play and I waited on afterwards for the brewery talk. After the talk, I headed to the brewery shop where there was free tasting of their brews. The Big Sheep is the home of Country Life Brewery. I tried Old Appledore Ale (3.7%), Golden Pig (4.7%), Black Boar (5%) and Devonshire 10’DER’ (10%). They didn’t have any bottles of Golden Pig to buy as following the Great British Beer Festival, where they won a silver medal, they had had a bit of a rush. I bought a bottle of Old Appledore and Black Boar.
I then joined Jo and the kids who were watching the sheep dog trials and then we watched the sheep shearing and the sheep show. We went back into the animal barn and the rain came down yet again. We kids then went to play in Ewetopia, the indoor playground. After about an hour, we visited the shop and then came back to the cottage (in the rain again of course).
We eat out this evening at The Hunters Inn again. As on all previous visits, the food and service were brilliant.

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