My Tweets for the week 2012-02-05

  • Bryson Andres playing 21 Guns-electric violin: via @youtube #
  • Oh dear, the Twiglet Zone has been breached. #
  • BBC News – Tiger bread renamed giraffe bread by Sainsbury's #
  • Just back from Parent's evening. Brr it's cold out there. #
  • Recorder group were a bit hyper this afternoon, like they all had a sugar rush. #
  • Looking out at our two igloos this morning and thinking I'd better start scraping earlier. Off to Dunstable Music Centre this morning. #
  • Spent the evening at Dunstable Sea Cadets last night as new parents. Had a DVD to explain what its about and what they will do. Memories. #
  • Kids are out. Have already made a snowman and are now slowballing. #
  • Cleared our path of snow and about to have a coffee when next door started digging her car out. Driveway clear as well, time for that coffee #

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