My Tweets for the week 2012-04-01

  • Scary, just filled my car up…with nearly £94 of petrol. Ouch #petrolprices #
  • Back from a great evening at Ashton Middle School watching their It's Showtime! production. Well done everyone. #
  • Chaos in Dunstable. 4 way lights at Frenches Avenue causing long tailbacks. People blocking junction at Brewer Hill lights. Just mad. #
  • Sitting here wondering what was squeaking, turned speakers off, then realised I had the ospreys on Loch of Lowes webcam #
  • I must learn not to do recorders on the last day of term. Last week was a great week, I should have left it at that. Finished 5 mins early. #
  • Just saved by @avast_antivirus, clicked on a link I shouldn't have and it blocked the trojan. Thanks for stopping me doing something stupid. #
  • Wasn't expecting a flat tyre when we got to Sainsburys. Still the AA arrived and got the wheel nuts off within 20 minutes. Good Service. #
  • Great day today with my brother, his wife and my nephews at ours for the day. #

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