Mediaeval Babes time

It been a very Mediaeval Baebes time for the last few weeks. Their new album, The Huntress, arrived on 13th November. I had pre-ordered this back in March 2011 and so got a signed copy with a bonus CD. I love the album, but don’t have any favourites yet; that will change as I continue to listen to it.

On the 23rd November they announced that the Devotion album, which had previously been available at live events only could be bought from their online shop and then on Saturday 24th I got a Facebook friends request from Katharine Blake. Wow. So I accepted the request, still a bit shocked and ordered the Devotion album, which arrived yesterday. This album is a mix of tracks from other albums that have been remixed and remastered. I love it.

Today, while looking through Katharine’s facebook page, I came across an photo album from Joust 2006 and remembered I have some photos from the same. I have dug them out and posted them up as an album on Facebook. It seems a long time ago now, the last time the kids saw the Mediaeval Baebes when they were 4 & 6.

I’ve got to see if I can find the video footage from Joust 2005.

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