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Hurricane Katrina

I have been watching the live feed from an online tv station for New Orleans, Louisiana. There are also still photos relating to the hurricane.

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More car problems

I found today that the luggage cover on my V70 has been broken. I haven’t need to use the boot since I had the MOT and brake fluid changed at the beginning of the month (link), so I hadn’t realised. … Continue reading

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New Fish

A few weeks ago, following the demise of our last tropical fish, we gave the tank a thorough clean. Today we have just added half a dozen Zebra Danios, we’ll see how they are in a couple of weeks and … Continue reading

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New hard disc

I realised that I was running out of disc space for my pictures and audio files, so Tuesday I bought a 120GB drive to increase the storage on that computer. It arrived today, and is now installed, formatted and working. … Continue reading

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