Car Window 3

The car was collected this morning. I made sure that I wrote on the paperwork that I needed the car back by 4:30. I had a governors meeting this evening and so wanted no mistakes.

At 3:40, I rang for an update and was told that the car had just been run out of the workshop and just needed tidying up then they would give me a call to pay for it and get it back to me. I reminded them that I needed it back by 4:30.

At 4:05 I paid for the repair and was told the drivers would be bringing it back. At 4:50, I rang the garage to find where the car was, only to find that the drivers were on the way back from a long delivery in Leighton Buzzard. I think I may have lost my temper a bit, and he would find out what was happening and ring me straight back. 15 minutes later I rang back, now just a little bit angry and was told that someone from other department was helping out and had just left with the car. I would suggest that 25 minutes later when the car arrived, after what is at most a 10 minutes journey, I probably had been lied to again.

By this time I was running late for my meeting and sitting near stationary in roadworks for 25 minutes didn’t help.

They had obviously made a big effort to tidy the car up as the old part was in a box on the passenger seat. My opinion of Steven Eagle Toyota hasn’t improved from last year’s hassle with the MOT certificate.

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