Snow again

Cloudy Night
Yep, as predicted we had snow this morning. We woke up to about 2 inches first thing and it carried on snowing most of the day. All of the roads were moving, although I didn’t get over 30mph all the way to work, so it took just under an hour this morning. Other people at work got stuck on the motorway for a couple of hours because of an accident. The worst roads were in Milton Keynes as it didn’t appear that they had bothered to clear or grit the roads.

A lot of the schools were closed today, so Jo and the kids spent most of the morning making snowmen.

First snowman of 2007

The kids’ school is closed tomorrow and then its half term for a week, so they get an early start.

The trip home this evening wasn’t too bad, but there was an accident on the A5 that closed the road and there is still congestion now from it.

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