Cloud of feathers

I’m not quite sure what happened in our garden this lunchtime as I missed it myself. Jo looked out into the garden, just in time to see a pigeon that was sitting in our Christmas tree disappear in a cloud of feathers. She thought it flew off across the garden, but it happened so quickly she isn’t sure. Looking in the garden, I have to say it must be a very cold bird as it has left a huge quantity of feathers in a trail over both ours and next door’s gardens.

I’m not sure if this is related to the post I made about the kestrel in the garden last weekend. Having looked online a bit more, I’m now starting to question whether it was a kestrel I saw. I only saw the bird from behind, it was brown with a long tail with a couple of broad bands on the tail. The more I look at pictures, the more I wonder if it was a female sparrowhawk rather than a kestrel.

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