Dunstable Music Centre end of spring term concert

We went to the Dunstable Music Centre end of term concert yesterday morning. It was due to start at 10:00 and with this term’s excellent organisation it actually did. The changes between groups performing were very slick and quick, something that has been missing in previous concerts. Due to this, the interval was actually a good length, rather than the usual rush from your seats to get a drink in the 10 minute break of previous concerts. Dunstable Music Centre is part of Bedfordshire Music, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this academic year. The centre caters for all students from 7 upwards and there are quite a few parents and other adult students giving a broad range of abilities.

The level of performance was really good, with, in my opinion, 2 outstanding groups. The Jazz Orchestra and the Concert Band really stood out for their exceptional performances. You could tell that everyone, children and adults were really enjoying themselves.

This term’s running order was

Senior Orchestra – Scarborough Fair – lead by Janice Saxton
Junior Strings – Alouette – lead by Janice Saxton
Senior Strings – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – lead by Janice Saxton

Junior Orchestra – “The Junior Orchestra” – lead by Lynette Driver
Beginner Recorders – Swing Boats & 1,2,3,4 – lead by Jo Howard
Junior Recorders – Moon River – lead by Lynette Driver

Junior Woodwind – James Bond Theme – lead by Mark Holt
Junior Band – Can Can – lead by Mark Holt

Senior Saxophones – Puttin’ on the Ritz – lead by Kate Worms

Tuned Percussion – Water come a me eye – lead by Simon Wicker

Electric Guitar – Crazy little thing called love & Brown Sugar – lead by Pete Smith


Jazz Orchestra – Cute, Travellin’ Light & Autumn Leaves – lead by Graham Cook

Jazz Combo – Mud Pie

Junior Dance – Jungle Rhythm – choreographed by Sarah Meers
Song – Seasons of Love
Senior Dance – All that Jazz

Guitars – March & The Ox and the Ass – lead by John Stevens

Ukuleles – Baby Face & Rock around the clock – lead by Pete Smith

Concert Band – The Simpsons & Super Invincible Mighty Dynamic medley – lead by John Ravenor

It all finished slightly ahead of time at 12:20.

Due to other musical commitments, Esther Hackett, who was head of Dunstable Music Centre, has stepped down. She has made a big difference in the time she has been there. She plays and teaches violin and is currently my son’s violin teacher.

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