I’ve been tagged

Carol from My View of “IT” has tagged me for the five reasons why I blog meme. I have posted about this before in “Why do I blog“, but not stopped to think of 5 actual reasons. So here goes:

  1. I blog because it is an ideal outlet for things I want to talk about, without the hassle of creating yet another new page in the miscellaneous section of my website.
  2. I blog because it allows me to vent my frustration over things that occur, usually and I’m not sure why, this seems to be related to servicing and maintenance of cars.
  3. I blog because I can communicate information about how my family tree research is progressing. Who knows, the next person to read it may have the information I need to locate another relative.
  4. I blog because I like to share technical information I have found to resolve a specific problem, hopefully to make it easier for anyone trying to do the same.
  5. I blog because I like to think that someone out there is interested enough to read what I’m rambling on about.

Now all that remains is to pass this on. I have asked the following to take part

If you link back to the Blog Meme Tracker, you can see who has already been tagged and record who you tag.

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