Whipsnade Zoo revisited

We took the kids to the zoo this afternoon. We have got season tickets again, which gives us more flexibilty in when we go and what we see. Whipsnade Zoo which is part of the Zoological Society of London is only about 15 minutes away from us and is well worth a visit. We didn’t go at all last year, but had season tickets the previous two years. This means that if you feel like popping in for a couple hours, you can without thinking that you won’t get value from your entrance fee.

When we got there, the car park was very full, but due to the size of the zoo, it never feels full. We visited the lemurs first, which are directly opposite the entrance. Since our last visit about 18 months ago, a path has been added through the enclosure, so you can get In with the Lemurs. While we were in with the Lemurs, the elephants walked past, complete with the baby that was born mid January. After the lemurs, we saw the Chimpanzees and the European Bison before walking along by Wolf Wood with the Grey Wolves. We then saw the Giraffes, Zebra, Flamingos and the Siberian Tigers. We caught the last Sealion show at 4pm and then had a ride on the Jungle Express. The Jungle Express was pulled today by their steam engine Superior, which is 87 years old. I remember the railway at Whipsnade from when I was a boy. It opened in 1970 when it was called the Whipsnade and Umfolozi Railway.

After the train ride, the kids played for a while in the kids playground, before we went through the Children’s Farm on the way out. All in all a very enjoyable 3.5 hours leaving everyone worn out. We’ve still plenty to see on future visits. Hopefully, I’ll post some pictures soon.

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