What are other people talking about?

I haven’t had time today to think about what to post due to working on a ‘simple hard disc replacement’ for someone at work. The original hard disc wouldn’t boot into Windows XP or the recovery console. After installing Windows XP sucessfully, it all went wrong after I installed Service Pack 2. It turns out the replacement hard disc was too large for the BIOS and although Windows XP was able to install, it hadn’t seen all of the disc, then after SP2 it could see all of the disc, but not the operating system install. XP SP2 would not format the disc to do a fresh install, so I eventually managed to repair the original disc and then added the new disc as a second drive.

So anyway, I’ve had a chance to look at what other people are posting about and here is a couple.

Scott Adams in his post yesterday on The Dilbert Blog was talking about the story of the 200 people, including James Doohan’s cremated remains that were launched into space on a suborbital flight. It appears that the cremated remains travelled into space before their return to earth. However, that’s when it went a bit wrong. The rocket parachuted down in dense vegetation on a New Mexico mountain side and hasn’t been found yet.

JMB from Nobody Important is posting by email, from aboard a cruise to Alaska and providing us with a wonderful description as she travels along.


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