Followup to Weather Widget

Clear Night
I had an email from Alan at WeatherUnderground thanking me for my post about weather stickers. To get rid of the annoying ads, he has sent me a 1 year gift membership, which allows you to see the WeatherUnderground site without any adverts. I didn’t even know they did memberships, it just looked like another ad on the site at first glance. Anyway, I’ve added the widget under the WeatherPixie one, which gives me temperature in Celcius and a clock, I’m not sure if the clock is picking up from the local system or displaying UK time, maybe you can let me know in the comments what you see.

With my membership, I get to give a gift membership to someone else, so what I’ll do is the first person to request the gift membership in the comments will get it, just drop me an email after leaving your comment so that I have your email address, my address is on my contact me page.

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