BlogCatalog Community Organ Donation Awareness Campaign

While checking BlogCatalog last night, I came across the following discussion Make History on Wednesday.

What BlogCatalog are asking people to do is to blog to raise awareness about organ donation and the issues surrounding organ donation.

The BBC on their website are also running a DoNation season to raise awareness.

Both my wife and I have carried donor cards for several years, but last night I signed up on the UK Transplant Organ Donor Register. As they point out cards get damaged or lost or you might not have it with you. From their site:

Since 1 April 2007:

* 229 people have donated organs

* an additional 518 people have donated corneas

* 640 people have received the gift of sight

* 695 people have received transplants

* 7,304 people are still waiting for transplants

While following links about this, I also looked at the National Blood Service website. I used to be a blood donor and keep meaning to get back. I knew that they were appealing for donors, but wasn’t really aware how low the stocks were until last night.

Group Days Stock
O pos 5.16
O neg 2.68
A pos 6.48
A neg 6.23
B pos 8.03
B neg 4.34
AB pos 10.02
AB neg 4.47
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