Cre8Buzz going public

Tomorrow, Cre8Buzz changes to Public Beta which means that it is visible to non-members. You still need to be a member to post or comment and have to be invited by a member to join.

I was invited at the beginning of August and have found it a really great, vibrant community. Unlike some other social networks, where everyone is out to build their own little (or big) empire, everyone at Cre8Buzz is helpful and are growing and adding to the whole community. You can customise your profile page and this works really well, clean and not too gaudy.

There are somewhere around 700 members at the moment, some are friends from other social networks, like Carol who invited me, some are new like Pari, Finland_in_Eaton and Novembrance.

Some of the members have shared their experiances on the Cre8Buzz blog. It’s difficult to put my finger on exactly why it works, but it just does.

So, please take to time tomorrow to pop over and have a look. My Cre8Buzz profile is here. If you want an invite, you can let me know through my contact me page and I’ll send one over.

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