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flat tyre
I had hoped today to be able to talk about my experiances of buying car tyres online. I can, but the story’s not over yet.

Last Sunday evening, my neighbour knocked to let me know that I had a flat tyre. I went out to change it quickly before the light went, but I should have known it wouldn’t be as easy as that. Although I could undo the wheel bolts, the alloy had stuck to the hub. I didn’t have anthing suitable for hitting it with, so I called out the AA. They estimated that they would be with me within 2 hours and actually arrived after about 35 minutes. It only took him a minute or so to tap off the alloy with a hide hammer (I must get one for the car). He fitted the spare while he was here and that was it.

Talking at work on Monday, I had a few recommendations for where to get tyres at a good price and so Monday night I started ringing around. I wanted to get the same make, UniRoyal Rallye 540, that I had previously had on the car. They had proved very good in the wet and had lasted fairly well, over 2 years. The front were getting low anyway and were nearing replacement, the back tyres almost look new.

uniroyal rallye 540
Anyway, after ringing around and getting quotes from about £70 to £105 for the same tyre, I came across the website of BestBuyTyres. The tyres were the cheapest by a few pounds and you select which of their independant fitting depots you have the tyres fitted at. I selected the location in town to have them fitted this afternoon. Shortly after buying the tyres online, I had an email confirming the details and the fitting for this afternoon.

I drove down at about quarter to two this afternoon to find that the depot shuts at 12:30 on Saturdays. I double-checked the website which shows 17:30 closing on Saturday and then found that you can only ring BestBuyTyres Monday to Friday. I have emailed them asking them to ring me on Monday and hopefully we can sort this out. Probably be next
weekend now.

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