Car tyres and problems

volvo logoA couple of weeks ago I posted about buying tyres online and how it didn’t go quite to plan. BestBuyTyres contacted me on the Monday and were very honest and appologetic about the mistake with the opening hours on their website. The installation was re-arranged for last Saturday and now I have the tyres that I wanted fitted at the price that suited me.

Last Thursday while driving home from work, a warning light came on. It was the emissions warning light. So Friday, I arranged for the car to go into the dealer yesterday when I went back to work. The check strap on the driver’s door was very noisy so I asked them to replace it while they had the car.

Wednesday this week, when I went to go out in the evening, the headlight switch failed. It didn’t turn smoothly, and the lights wouldn’t come on. If I hit the switch, I could get dashboard lights, but no exterior lights. On Thursday morning it was the same story, so I had to wait until it was light enough to drive safely before I could go to work. I ran the dealer yesterday and got the switch added to the work needed.

It turned out that it was a temperature sensor that had failed causing the warning light. Unfortunately, they were unable to get it yesterday, so I didn’t get the car back until today. At least it’s all working again.

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